Ice To Eskimos are specialists in Recruitment to Recruitment – we are experts at finding the most suitable and rewarding opportunities for professionals within the recruitment industry. We understand what it’s like to be a recruiter – we’re there every day ourselves!

We know that recruitment brings challenges, but in the right environment you can make the most of your skills and still achieve financial and professional satisfaction. We are able to assist you to obtain a great position with a great company and will provide honest advice about whether a move is really the right thing for you to do (because sometimes it’s not!). We really do want what is best for you; it’s not just about us getting a fee.

If you are a proven recruiter with a track record that demonstrates achievement or even if you feel that you are capable of more but you haven’t got there yet, then we can point you in the right direction to harness your potential and maximise your earning capabilities. We have countless opportunities for professional consultants but we rarely advertise as our network is strong and many of our roles are exclusive meaning that some great jobs never hit the open market. We strive to be your trusted partner, mentor and supporter so that we can open the door to truly exciting opportunities with companies that suit your skill set, goals and ambitions.

We have placed candidates in every recruitment industry sector and at all levels from consultant to team leader to director and we have maintained relationships with individuals who started their careers through us and are now leading companies – real relationships with people who value what we do and the contribution that we have made to their careers.

We can truly say that you just don’t know what you are capable of until you are given the right encouragement, the best environment to flourish and the right guidance.


You need the best talent in the market. How will you find them amongst the thousands of recruiters out there?

Ice To Eskimos excel at taking the time to understand your business and culture so that not only will we identify recruiters who will be more likely to work well with you and your team, but also people who have a higher probability of being successful in your environment. We know that top performers in one company won’t always be top performers in another and so by focusing on what all parties want and need, we are more likely to provide a long term, highly successful outcome.

We value client relationships – the majority of our relationships are more than 10 years old. Trust is important to us and we work with business people who see us as a valued partner and extension of their business. We work best with an open dialogue, value honest feedback and constantly look for opportunities to improve our service to you. We don’t work on volume; we work on getting it right.

We are constantly mapping the candidate market and talking to recruiters so that when you need someone we are able to tap into people who best meet your requirements (and you theirs). Before you speak with us, we urge you to consider what the value proposition of your business is. With all the choices available to recruiters, what is going to make you attract the people you want? We will support you, work with you and advise you, but we can’t sell your story if you don’t have one.

We never put someone forward unless we have interviewed them ourselves and are confident they can be suitable. We talk to you providing pros and cons and never try to make something better than it is.

It’s hard to find good people. Sourcing talent takes time and a sustained effort and commitment from both parties. If you would like to educate us about your business, to invest in our knowledge of you and your people, and seek to build a partnership with us as a supplier that will benefit everyone involved, (just like you strive to do with your own clients), please talk to us.